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If all you want is to quickly download the software you need to work with XDCAM EX files, go to Sony Canada: http://support.sonybiz.ca/esupport/ or skip to the updates at the end of this post. The rest below is just a rant I had to let out.

When you need to download software to deal with XDCAM EX files, the first Google results lead to completely obnoxious Sony pages where you have to register with a lot of personal info, and agree to stuff like "The personal data provided [...] may be used by Sony Europe (Belgium) N.V. and other Sony Group Companies [...] to advise of, offer and supply goods and services, for other marketing purposes, and for additional purposes [etc.]".

In short, after they have sold you a quite expensive camera, they will only let you use it if you agree that they will be able to spam you forever. Then there is yet another license agreement to check before you are allowed to get the software.

The XDCAM EX cameras are really nice, but that Sony company is full of shit!

Except, it seems, Sony Canada, which appear to be the only Sony subsidiary to respect it's customers and be helpful. They have a very simple, directly accessible download page with all the software you need: http://support.sonybiz.ca/esupport/.

(That is in November 2010. Let's hope they keep this perfect download page as it is.)

Update May 2011: The download page for XDCAM EX is now http://support.sonybiz.ca/esupport/Navigation.do?category=XDCAM+EX

Update Nov. 2011: The situation seems to have improved on the pro.sony.com  site. The software is listed here. And now this is the easiest (copy/paste) way for Mac until they change their site or you need a different version. In Terminal:

  • XDCAM Transfer for Apple Final Cut Pro
    curl -o PDZK-P1_XDCAM_Transfer_v2_13_0.zip http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/micro/xdcam/downloads/apps/PDZK-P1_XDCAM_Transfer_v2_13_0.zip
  • XDCAM Browser Software
    curl -o XDCAM_Browser_1_3_Win_Mac.zip http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/micro/xdcam/downloads/apps/XDCAM_Browser_1_3_Win_Mac.zip
    curl -o XDCAM_Browser_200_Mac.zip http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/micro/xdcam/downloads/XDCAM_Browser_200_Mac.zip
    curl -o XDCAM_Browser_200_Win.zip http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/micro/xdcam/downloads/XDCAM_Browser_200_Win.zip
  • SxS Card and iLink FAM Device Drivers
    curl -o SxS_UDF_v1_01_and_Device_Drivers_v1_xx.zip http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/micro/xdcam/downloads/apps/SxS_UDF_v1_01_and_Device_Drivers_v1_xx.zip

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