Sessions ProTools depuis Final Cut

Voilà un petit aide-mémoire pour un export d'un montage Final Cut Pro avec des sons Cantar, vers des sessions ProTools, en utilisant Titan Flash Conform, et quelques lignes de script Perl pour résoudre un problème dans l'EDL exportée depuis FCP: http://alma.ch/film/workflows/fcp-cantar-titan-protools/ C'est en anglais, mais vous pouvez ajouter ici vos commentaires, corrections, et autres remarques dans la langue de votre choix.

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Blogger Illuminato said...


I'm assistant editor on a film that has just started shooting in Madrid.

Shooting is on 35mm 24fps with Cantar audio. Audio tc is 24 fps.

I looked at the Aaton post chain pdf linked in the article but page 11 (the page that says how to export a filetag compliant edl from Final Cut) is empty.

The problem is that when I merge audio & video the resulting clip loses the name of the original audio clip. I don't know if this is a critical problem.

I'd be very grateful if you could help me out or maybe point me to a complete version of the pdf file.

Thank you very much.

Renato Sanjuán.

24 November, 2010 12:30  
Blogger Milivoj said...

Renato, it seems that Aäton updated their PDFs since this article was written.

But I would guess that the new version actually has all the info needed for current FCP versions.

And anyway, if the EDLs need to be corrected at some point, since they are just plain text files, a few lines of Perl can easily take care of that, as can be seen in my "fcp-cantar-titan-protools page". Good luck.

01 December, 2010 12:21  
Blogger Illuminato said...

Thanks a lot.

I think I've figured it out, it's easyer than I expected.

I'll let you know how I do.

02 December, 2010 12:49  

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